My name is Victoria and this is my little, visual diary.


I had a lovely day with my Mum and Pop! Gorgeous spring weather with all the cherry blossoms blooming and of course our matching spring jewellery, Alexis Bittar Lucite Bangle and Earrings! 

After the ceremony we made the short walk to the fish market to celebrate where we had first met!

We first became friends while working together at the fish market, just next to the pier. This quickly developed into a serious relationship where Shinji had to continually extend his work visa so that he could remain here in Canada. Shinji proposed 3 1/2 years later on Christmas Day at the same pier with a sapphire ring.

The sea and the colour blue became a constant theme throughout our relationship.  It’s what brought us together by fate one summer across the Pacific Ocean, from Japan to Vancouver.

When planning our small wedding ceremony, it only made sense to have it down at the pier where it all began! After that everything just fell into place from my deep blue satin shoes to the lovely bouquet from our friends at the little flower shop across from the market. We loved the idea of keeping the day simple but sentimental. We had my sister do the (fantastic!) photography and my parents became the ring bearers!  

For a March 24th wedding in Vancouver, we completely lucked out with the weather. The days leading up were filled with clouds and rain which we were prepared for but so relieved when it cleared up! The whole day felt so comfortable and relaxed. We had set a start time but other than that we really just enjoyed the day without having to rush around!

We got our Marriage Licence and Shinji and I’s wedding bands too! Slowly checking off the to do’s on the big wedding day list!

The colour theme for our wedding in September will be a sapphire blue inspired from my engagement ring. Having read so many wedding blogs recently, these Badgley Mischka “Lacie” shoes keep popping up and often in blue. I love the trend of your “something blue” to be your bridal shoes. For one, I love the pop of colour peeking from beneath the hem of my dress and two I will get so much more use out of them after the big day than I would with a pair in ivory!

Sam the cat approves too, he’s already in his tux for the event!

Friday will be the last Valentine’s Day we will celebrate as just boyfriend and girlfriend.

Woke up to a gorgeous sunny february day! I made lemon poppyseed pancakes with honey!

I asked my 3 besties to be my bridesmaids today! I bought them each a voluspa candle and wrapped it up with a origami heart on top. Then I put the card into the heart like a little fortune they had to pull out!

We went dress shopping today and here’s a little peek at the gorgeous dress we chose in the end!

We jumped right into planning the wedding and everything so far has been really fun! I went with my mum dress shopping and found the perfect dress! It twinkles with little crystals everywhere!

After, we met up with Shinji at the heritage shipyard and snapped a few photos to reenacted the special scene before they took down the Christmas snowflake!

Happy New Year!

2013 was a great year filled with lots of adventures, most importantly our trip to Japan! That was a huge check mark on my to-travel list!

On New Year’s Eve I had a bad cold, so we had a quiet evening and ate Soba! Shinji says it’s good to eat long noodles on New Year’s Eve so that you have a long life! We’re cat sitting that adorable cat, who’s name is Sam! He’s so friendly! He joined in on the festivities with his yellow party hat too!

2013 finished wonderfully because on Christmas Day Shinji proposed to me on the pier where we first met, with an incredible sapphire ring! I’m filled with happiness and excitement to be married to Shinji in the near future!

2014 is going to be so lovely, I can feel it!

It’s my 24th Birthday today!

I had to work but came home to this gourmet dinner by Shinji!

Those are yorkshire puddings to start that have rosemary and smoked salmon lox on top! After that was shrimp and scallops with asparagus and mushrooms. Lastly was this fantastic dark chocolate cake with fresh fruit!!

Snow is so magical! This is shot from the balcony of my apartment and little do you know that behind that fog is a bustling city, full of lights and skyscrapers along with a bridge spanning a busy inlet of freighters and ferries. I love how a snow day can transform the city I live in and remind me of the little rural west coast island I grew up on.


Shinji and I woke up to a Winter Wonderland this morning, having just watched “Rise of the Guardians” the night before! Jack Frost does exist hehehe! 

I snapped these photos of Shinji heading to work this morning. Snow really is magical!

Our friend Eri is visiting from Japan, so I thought it would be fun to take her to paint pottery together!

Shinji painted koi fish that turned out so good! 

We had watched Life of Pi the night before so it inspired me to paint a nautical bowl with a starry sky!

The Etsy felt garland finally came in!

I had the idea to string it up like a little christmas tree between our book cases! I cut out a blue star from felt to top it off and poof you have an incredibly adorable tree! I think this would be a great alternative for small apartments that maybe can’t fit a tree!

Happy Holidays!