In the evening we went for dinner at Mission Hill Vineyard.

The place is breath taking. It’s on part of a dormant volcano that over looks a beautiful lake. The architecture is very reminiscent of the buildings in Italy, really making you feel like you’ve travelled to Europe for the evening!

We had an amazing dinner in the open air patio with the large pillars. We over looked the vineyard and the lake onward.

There are neat sculptures of figures throughout the property. We had fun taking photos with them. The gardens had gorgeous rose bushes in white and fuchsia. They reminded me of Alice and Wonderland and the Queen of Hearts painting the white roses red!

Sunday night Shinji and I took a short flight to Kelowna to visit my parents in Lake Country.

The first full day we went mini golfing in the sweltering heat! Luckily there were many shady spots in the course we could rest in.

The game was really fun! My dad won with a score of negative 7! The last hole had a siren that would sound if you made a hole in one. Which I managed to do and I won a free ticket for the next time we come mini golfing!

I fell in love with this wiggly puppy on my break today!

On these hot summer nights, I just adore my walk home through the woods. I even walk through a little secret garden that the path winds through. The garden is so lush that you can’t see past the next bend. I never come across people when I walk through this particular part. Most of the trail walkers take the more direct route by the road passed the garden but I like spending that extra minute walking through.

I wore my Aunt’s pearl ring for the first time today.

I’m going to be an aunt for the first time! My soon to be born niece is due this month so Shinji and I bought these two adorable outfits to mail over to Japan. I was just melting over how cute and tiny everything was at baby gap. I’m not ready to have kids yet so it’s perfect that I can be an aunt for now!

Jewellery look of the day!

You’re going to start to recognize the perforated metal bench I always sit on during my break!

I went for a dreamy soft pairing today with the moonstone cuff and the minty green chalcedony ring and amazonite necklace.

I was fortunate to inherited some gorgeous jewellery from my aunt on Monday. I really enjoyed listening to her talk about the history of each piece.

The gold ring on my pointer finger has the symbol of the Egyptian Ankh. I have to research it more but she told me it symbolizes life and the circle is the sun and the horizontal line is the water and the vertical line is the sun’s reflection.

The gold ring on my ring finger is a nautical knot in a rope design. The ocean is very special to me and I love the symbolic nature of nautical knots.

Happy Canada Day!

We had a lovely picnic in Stanley Park and then at 7:00 we watched the parade! It was the perfect sunny day!

Here are my Granville Island goodies!

I found the map at my favourite shop Paper-Ya. I want to use it as our guest book at our Wedding for people to sign wherever they like and then we will frame it for wall art! That way we can read it everyday and it won’t be tucked away and forgotten like a book might.

I got a cute tin of earl grey tea from the Granville Island Tea Company. The young guy was super helpful and cute! The whole shop reminded me of Ollivanders!

I treated us to some gourmet chocolates for dessert after dinner tonight.

The mermaid card I’ve been eyeing for a while. It’s by Rifle Paper Co of course and it’s so pretty! It has gold foil accents! I framed it to go eventually on our art wall!