Guess What?

I found another beautiful trinket box at Winners!

It’s covered in a mosaic of glass tiles that have different blue and green foils beneath that reflect beautifully! We have a blue theme running through our apartment so it fits in perfect. It’s a great size to keep jewellery that I don’t wear daily. I like to store them in individual little plastic zip lock bags. I really recommend doing this because it protects your silver from tarnishing and your gold plated items from wearing away. If you don’t want to be as fussy as I am about the air tight bags, a good tip is to not store your jewellery in the washroom or anywhere that has high humidity. Also avoid spraying perfume, hairspray or applying lotions while you’re wearing your jewellery. Your jewellery is an investment, even if it’s just costume jewellery like mine is, following these tips will allow you to enjoy them for a really long time! 

Love, Victoria